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About Me

Hi Reader! I am Saptadeepa Bandopadhyay. I am a 9 to 5 desk dweller from India. I am passionate about Reading Books, Writing about life and experiences and Travelling when not at work.

I remember my love for books started as young as a six year old kid when I won the 'Alice In Wonderland' as a prize for my academic excellence. An introvert by nature, I love narratives more than shorter interactions. Writing has thus, naturally, interested me since an early age because it helped me describe my emotions and experiences. I have fond memories of reading the Indian Newspapers (especially the editorial pages) and writing letter to my grandparents on many afternoons.

However a Science Grad and Techie by profession, I had not got many opportunities to explore my writing and  thus confined only to official emails.

'Seeking Happiness Diaries' started after I was back from a trip to the Kashmir Valley and was too overwhelmed to describe it to everyone. It dawned upon me only then that I had been to many places but not many recollection of such precious memories apart from a few family photos and names of the tourist spots. 

This blog is about -

'Tales From Trails' i.e. stories from my travel experiences, travel tips and inspirations from the places I have been. Its beyond  the marked 'Touristy' maps. 

Life experiences and thoughts that cross our minds but we avoid discussing about.

Recommendations and Book Reviews of books I have read and those that can add value to ones life.

I wish to connect with you through my stories and experiences. Check out more on the blog!


Featured Work-

On Tripoto -

My Travelogue 'Andamans: A date with the Ocean' has been featured among the 13 Best Travelogues of 2018


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