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Seeking Happiness Diaries

is a travel-inspired lifestyle blog intended to inspire urban youth, to look beyond their busy 9-to-6 weekdays and to live more than the weekends! I share my adventures, stories, experiences and life lessons through my journeys outside the corporate rat race.

I believe learning is a life long process! My travels have transformed me into a curious seeker of the world, eagerly seeking guidance from the starlit skies, snow-clad mountains, endless serpentine roads, glamourous cities and laidback villages!

You will often find me promoting initiatives like eco-tourism and sustainability not just because everyone is talking about it but I believe only these lifestyle changes can take us through the most global crisis.

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Saptadeepa!

I am an Indian travel enthusiast.

Born a wanderer, currently based out of India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru. I have a day job as a Software analyst here!

Raised in a middle-class Indian family, I had a simpler childhood in a small town, compared to my current 'techie in a city' life. I often found myself craving for that simple lifestyle away from the chaos, chasing goals and deadlines.

So, what just started as an escape to my mundane chaotic city-life a few years back, eventually carved me into a passionate travel-enthusiast!

Travel broadened my horizons and changed the way I once looked at things, people or places. Today, I travel for stories and experiences rather than an itinerary or a bucket list.

My curiosity to explore the unexplored has led me to some offbeat destinations across India and a few neighbouring South East Asian countries.

In leisure, I find solace in reading books or writing about travel and life experiences on this blog.


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