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3 Best lake treks near Manali

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Manali has been every Indian’s dream like a heavenly location. Be it honeymoon, trip with the squad or a solo trip, Manali is the first destination that pops up in our minds. So, the question is what makes it so beautiful. The picturesque landscapes, clear water lakes, towering mountains, tall deodar trees and what not. Here are the lake treks that you can cover nearby, when you visit Manali.

Manali View
Manali View

3 Best Lake Treks near Manali

Chandratal Trek -

Chandratal literally translates to the ‘Moon Lake’. This is one of the nearest lake treks from Manali. If you are looking for weekend treks, this is one of the best treks to go to. This trekking experience is said to be very similar to walking to the moon. The view of the beautiful snow-capped mountains during the trek is a sight to behold. Earlier trekking was the only option to reach Chandratal. But now, you can also opt to drive a car to the lake.


Bhrigu Lake Trek -

Bhrigu Lake Trek, even though it is a high altitude trek, the trekking can be completed just over a weekend's time. This trek is not like any other high altitude trekking destinations where one needs to trek for the whole week. The treeline, forests and alpine meadows are the stunning natural attractions that you come across during your trek. If you are trekking during the summers, the freshly blooming flowers welcomes you with a special kind of warmth.

Brighu Lake
Brighu Lake

Beas Kund Trek -

Beas Kund Trek is one of the shortest treks near Manali with moderate level difficulty. Beas Kund emerges out of Emerald lake which is hidden in the grasslands of Manali. You can get a full fledged view of the famous peaks from here. The wild flowers, boulders, finest mountain slopes and the peaceful silence - you get it all here.

Beas Kund Trek
Beas Kund Trek

I guess, these treks are tempting enough to pack your bags right now. So, what are you waiting for?

See you there in Manali!

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Jun 15

Your blog on the 3 best lake treks near Manali is fantastic! The detailed descriptions of each trek, along with the beautiful photos, truly capture the serene beauty of these trails. One must also check Things to do in Ladakh if you are a mountain lover.


Apr 25

Amazing. Here are some travel tips for Manali if anyone is planning to visit this incredible place.


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