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Fiction books I read in 2018

I have always loved to read fiction and can remember reading them as early as in 2nd grade like 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. In high school we were fans of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series which we got in the school library.

But in 2018 I have read less of fiction because of my inclination towards self-help books. Here are the few which I managed to read this year.

Two by Two | Nicholas Spark

This book is a beautiful read. It’s a story based on modern day family and many would even connect to it. Nicholas Spark being the most romantic author to ever read, has crafted a beautiful piece of work surrounding family values, the father-daughter bonding, difficult life choices only to stay with loved ones while balancing a passion project. While the story may seem to be a very normal family drama, but it has a beautiful narration which makes to want to know about more about the characters in it. Life has many learnings for each one of us, its only upon us how to take it forward. Sometimes all that matters is to wait and watch how all your efforts bear fruit while you keep giving 100% of yourself. Link to this book

My Sister’s Keeper | Jodi Picoult –

This novel is a story of a family with a kid suffering from leukemia and how her sister’s existence has been the sole reason for her survival up to her teenage. The book interested me specially because it is a genetic fiction. The narration is captivating because it shows the true picture of how a kid’s illness has been the only purpose of the family for many years where the parents are over exhausted care givers and the other two children are trying to figure out their existence in the always critical household to the extent that he younger donor kid files a law suit against the parents for using her. I loved every bit of this book and the awesomely engaging courtroom drama.

This was my first read from the author and I am truly impressed to grab some more novels of hers. Link to this book

Men Without Women | Haruki Murakami - This was my first Murakami read as well. This book is a collection of short stories where Men Without Women is the last of all stories. I have a mixed review about the book as I liked some of the story narrations while others I did not connect. If like me you are a first time Murakami reader I would recommend not to start with this one as I hope there are much better work of his.

Positives - Some of the stories and the curiosity built around the characters did fascinate me sometimes like the old widower actor Kafuka of the story 'Drive My Car' or Kitaru's character or the teenage portrayal of 'Scheherazade'. Dr. Tokai's life from the story 'An Independent Organ' just leaves you shocked by the end showing what are the consequences when one loses his purpose in living.

Negatives - I just hope there was not so much of love-making and complicated relationships in every story.

Into the water | Paula Hawkins - Had picked this book because I loved 'The Girl on the train' which was the authors first book. 'Into the Water' had a lot many characters to remember which the the biggest drawback to keep a reader engaged. I anyways hung till the end to discover the suspense though you would try to guess it correctly a few chapters before the end. In some chapters I felt, history of so many characters were not necessary which only made the novel lengthy. I would not really recommend this book to anyone.

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