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Non-fiction books I read in 2018

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The non-fiction books I read in 2018 were on topics like biology, health (which I am currently keen about), life experiences of inspirational personalities and also travel stories which was the category I first time added to my reading. Below is the list of books I read and my view or take-away from these.

I also read a lot of Selp-help books which you can find in the below post -


Category: Health | Science

Indian Superfoods | Rujuta Diwekar

I am a fan of Rujuta Diwekar’s preaching on health, food and her idea of promoting Indian food heritage in the developing country where it’s easier for the urban Indian to fall for new food fads and diets from the west. This book is about 10 Indian food which are rich in their nutrient properties and must be included in our diet. Every chapter is about a food item, its source or origin, its nutrient properties and why one should include it in their diet. It was kind of a wisdom on Indian food heritage for me.

Gut: The Inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ | Giulia Enders – The Gut is the least spoken about organ of the body to the extent that most of us do not even know all the digestive system organs and their location. So here is a medicine student who is breaking it down into common man’s language to pass all the latest information on the researches about our gut, the microbes which reside in the gut and how they can influence our food cravings, stress handling, brain functioning, genetic composition and almost everything. I was surprised to know that the gut has such a complex nervous system of itself that it is being referred as the gut brain. If you are like me who is curious about the human body, this is a definite read. Even if you are not a biology enthusiast but conscious about your health, please keep this one in your wish list. Link to this book


Category: Biographies | Travel Writing

Eat Pray Love | Elisabeth Gilbert

This was my first audio book and till date the best book narration I ever heard. The author’s story about overcoming depression and discovering herself on a solo world tour is very inspiring. Specially the narration is really beautiful. It’s as good as listening to a calm meditation music. This book has lingered in my thought for the longest time. The self-discovery of the author’s life on her journey to Italy, India and Indonesia can be easily relatable to any person. Definitely a must read/listen the audio version once in your life-time. I know there is a movie on the same but the book is much more detailed and engaging.

Three Thousand Stitches | Sudha Murthy – Sudha Murthy as many may know is a philanthropist and a renowned Indian Author who writes stories from her own life experiences. This book is a collection of short stories from the author’s life and also many from the works and struggles of Infosys Foundation which she heads and runs in supporting various causes. Overall this is an easy English read with a bunch of short stories and can be enjoyed over a home bound weekend. Some of the narrations were so pleasant as though listening to your own grandparent of their younger times.

The Shooting Star | Shivya Nath

If you know how the travel blogging world is inspiring people to travel more you must have definitely come across Shiya Nath’s Blog, This is Shivya’s first book and it’s like a memoir of collection of her travel stories and her life as a digital nomad. What’s special about this book is that every chapter has a takeaway or learning for the reader and some may even make you think of your own life choices. The way Shivya has expressed her views or feelings of being in a place, giving away her conventional life to travel forever and how consciously she is trying to create an impact with travelling is definitely a must read. Moreover, its currently #1 in travel writing on Amazon, so why not get your copy here. It’s not only for the travel enthusiast, this book is a must read for everyone. Link to this book


Category: Motivational | Literature | Essay

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

I heard this audio book after ‘Eat Pray Love’ from the same author. I can’t deny that I love her narration. This book focuses on discovering our creative self and how one should put a conscious effort to unleash it, pursue it and not fear taking it forward. It is a very inspiring book for everyone to find your passion and nurture it even if you face multiple doubts or failures. There are beautiful motivational quotes in the book which we can go back to again and again.

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