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Self Help books to have in your wishlist

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The year 2018 was my first attempt on reading self-help books and I must say I loved most of them. If you need to add inspiration and motivation to your life, definitely give a try reading these books.

Also remember, while you can read all these books its definitely most important to practice these in our day to day lives for their positive impact without which they are as good as reading any other story book and then forgetting it after a few days.


Category: Mind | Body | Spirit

This book will motivate you to believe in your dreams and act accordingly. We might all know this fundamental and must have come across it a number of times, but have never reasoned it or applied it to achieve our goals. The secret provides a logical and scientific reasoning to believe and achieve your dreams using the principle of 'Law of Attraction' and how it actually works in your favor. For anyone who wants to structure their goals and add actions to accomplish it can adopt the idea of creating vision boards and acting towards it.

Take-away Mantra of The Secret is - 'Ask. Believe. Receive.'

The Power of your Subconscious Mind | Dr. Joseph Murphy – I read this after the Secret. It mainly talks about the power of our own subconscious mind and we can achieve whatever our subconscious mind can to trained to conceive. I felt it a lot repetitive and on the same principle as the Secret. So reading either of the books should be fine though it would be a good idea to go through the initial chapters of the book just to recognize your subconscious mind and its abilities.

Who ever has read this book will definitely recommend it. I am no exception. The book starts with the author’s own experience with depression and the realization of the fact that ‘I and my mind’ are two different entities changed his entire life. If we control our mind instead of the mind controlling us most of the problems would be solved. Similarly, we humans always think of the future or the past and never about the present. This is what the book intends for the readers to achieve and be in the present. The entire book is in a Q&A format where you will find answers to practical thoughts. One has to be really attentive in reading this kind of books so that you do not lose even a bit of the valuable learnings.


Category: Health | Fitness

Don’t Lose out, Workout | Rujuta Diwekar – I have been consciously trying to include exercise into my daily routine from last 2 years. What concerns me the most is the disconnect between a doctor, a nutritionist and a physical trainer. Though most of us know we need to do some kind of physical activity every day but it’s still optional to our choices. This book will give you a lot of knowledge on why we should workout, how we should workout and the different exercise forms. This could be the beginners guide to start exercising and might even help you plan your workouts to begin with.


Category: Minimalism | Home Development | Decluttering

Both these books are focused mainly around tidying your space, decluttering unnecessary stuff from one’s life and having only those belongings that 'spark joy'. Though the concept seems simple, it could be too overwhelming once we start decluttering so the author has you covered on how to achieve it based on category of the objects and not the area to be decluttered. The best part I loved about this book is that its like a declutter therapy with all the reasoning why you should let go off things and how not to hold on stuff once they have served their purpose and achieving all of this by showing gratitude to the things we are getting rid of. Recommending these book for at least the therapy it offers even if you are in no mood for a declutter.

Spark Joy is the extension of the first book and it has more details on re-orgainzing your space once you have given away all the unnecessary stuff so that you will never again fall back to an untidy home.


Category: Personal Development

The 5 Second Rule | Mel Robbins – I heard the audio book and was confused for the initial 30 minutes as to why the author was sounding so repetitive and marketing about this rule even before she had not told about the rule yet. Its based on a simple principle that ‘Whatever you want to do, you need to do it within the 5-seconds that thought first comes to you’. If we miss this window we may most probably not do it at all. This can be applied to as small as waking up early every morning. Apart from the principle, it tells you why you need it, stories of people who have benefited from it and how you can practically achieve it. Personally I loved the principle but you can avoid reading the book and instead listen to a lot of talks by Mel Robbins available on Internet as the book seemed repetitive to me. Presumably, the author must have repeated so that the reader absorbs it completely.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad | Robert Kiyosaki – Having heard a lot about this book even though I didn’t like the title much I took up the audio version of the book. It starts with a scenario where the author as a kid becomes curious about making money. It tells how based on one’s financial status we might get contradicting advises on earning money. The author points out some risks taken by the rich which the poor are never willing to take. It also tells why it is important to own a business instead of working as an employee all your life. It gives some strong in-sites regarding business, investment, taxation, expenditure which should be known to all but most of us don’t learn it in any schools.

The differences between assets and liabilities explained in this book was an eye-opener for me. This book is recommended for everyone and needs to be read as many times as required so it stays with us forever.

As many might know Lilly Singh is a famous Youtube content creator known for her comic videos and she has achieved a lot with her unconventional career choice. The book is divided into sections and simplified chapters which is inspirational/motivational making you believe you can follow all these concepts to achieve anything phenomenal in life and all of that explained in the Lilly style (people who follow her will know what I mean). This book is more suited for young adults and teenagers specially because of the enthusiasm it has to offer to its readers.

**Note - All book links in this post are affiliate links to Amazon. I will earn a little with your every purchase using these links

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